Anatech Electronics Inc.

Anatech Electronics has responded to the many changes in RF and Microwave marketplace . Our products include lumped elements, cavity, diplexers, dual-band diplexers, and bandpass filters for the communication and wireless industry. Our product lines of filters, are rugged and built to meet stringent military or commercial specifications. Selected models can be taped and reeled.
Extensive experience, ongoing product development, unique design techniques and our commitment to customer satisfaction have made Anatech Electronics one of the leading manufacturers of RF and Microwave filters.


Anritsu Electronics MMD Microwave Manufacturing Division - Hand Held RF & Microwave Test Equipment. "Sitemaster" (TM), "Cellmaster" (TM), plus a wide variety of Hand Held Spectrum Analyzers.

Anritsu Company is the North American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation based in Atsugi, Japan. Anritsu has been recognized as a leading provider of communications solutions for more than 100 years. Anritsu has become a global leader in the telecommunications, optical and wireless industries by providing diverse product offerings ranging from test and measurement solutions to high-speed devices and components for use in R&D, production, and maintenance.

Test and Measurement Solutions
RF and Microwave Wireless
Powerful benchtop, portable, and handheld solutions for applications in telecommunications, microwave, mobile satellite communications, or defense industries. Anritsu handheld analyzers are powerful, rugged tools for all of your communication test needs that provide solutions anytime, anywhere. Solutions for the full range of 2, 2.5, and 3G telecommunications as well as 802.11 and Bluetooth, all based on Anritsu's global wireless leadership.
FCT Electronics

FCT Electronics are from Germany with factories in Czech Republic, Germany, Thailand and Torrington, Connecticut. FCT supports all cable assemblies including RF and Delay lines.

Product Areas: Electrical connectors and associated products Our customers include international market leaders such as Compaq, Daimler Chrysler, Deutsche Telecom, Ericsson, Lucent Technology, Marconi, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, Phillips, Rohde & Schwarz, Siemens, Zeiss, etc.

Our strengths include the following: High flexibility, short delivery times, an enormous number of product variations, prototypes available in a short time period, customer specific solutions.

Development and own production: D-Sub connectors, hoods and accessories, cable assemblies, coaxial, high power, filter connectors and high voltage contacts.

Sales of: Accessories to be used with our connectors, hoods, Mini-DIN connectors and many more products.

Employees (approx.): 350, including. 60 engineers and technicians

Gowanda Electronics

Gowanda Electronics, founded in 1963, is a leading supplier of high-performance magnetic components to the global OEM electronics marketplace.Typical end-product uses are test & measurement equipment, computers & peripherals, medical diagnostic equipment, communications systems, monitoring systems, as well as many consumer products.
Our extensive product line offerings include axial lead & surface mount RF inductors, pot cores, thru-hole & surface mount toroidal inductors & transformers, tunable coils, SMPS magnetics, common-mode chokes, transformers, and many custom devices.

Gryphics Interconnect Product Group

Gryphics specializes in medium to high-volume, high-density, small-pitch, Gigahertz interconnection systems for various electronic industries. Our emphasis is on product innovation for customer applications where edge rates are fast, space is limited, reliability demands are high and cost sensitivity is critical. Some of the products are adapters for BGA, LPN, QFP/SO and Edge Cards.

The typical Gryphics customer is looking for leading-edge solutions requiring:

  • Electrical and mechanical engineering excellence
  • Very high electrical performance for device or board socketing
  • Repeatable and reliable mechanical interconnect
  • Industry-leading price points
  • Superior customer service

The company was originally incorporated in 1997 and located in Loretto MN and moved to larger quarters in 1999. In 2000 the company again moved into the present 8600 Sq. Ft. World Headquarters located at 3850 Annapolis Lane in Plymouth, MN. Plymouth is a thriving western suburb of Minneapolis,noted for innovative, high technology start-up companies

The company is privately held and has developed a key strategic relationship with an industry-leading connector manufacturer.


JFW Industries Inc. was founded in 1979 in Beech Grove, Indiana by Fred and Joetta Walker. JFW is a leader in the design and manufacturing of RF components and application specific test systems. These components include attenuators, RF switches, and specialized test systems for use in the cellular, telecommunications, OEM test equipment, medical, automotive, defense, and automated test systems markets. Innovative new designs and a focus on customer requirements have allowed JFW to maintain steady growth in many key market segments.

As a foremost authority in attenuation and switching technologies, JFW Industries continues to advance its baseline products and services. Each year, we create hundreds of new models at the request of our customers. These innovations range from the expanded performance of existing items to the inception of entirely new product lines. It is this constant state of research and development that allows JFW to provide customized RF components and systems without the outrageous prices usually associated with these services. Some of our recent progresses include:

  • New 3 GHz, 0-127 dB Programmable Attenuator
  • Complete Line of 20-4300 MHz Solid-State Switches
  • Solid-State, 100 Watt "Hot Switch"
  • Line of Specialized Directional Couplers
  • Many Components Now to 6 GHz
  • More 75-Ohm Components

One line of products that has seen tremendous growth in recent years is our family of automated RF test systems. These systems include a multitude of functionality, but are often based upon a multiple-path attenuation system or a switch matrix. We expect the need for such systems to continue to grow in the years to come.


Serving the defense, telecommunications and test/measurement marketplace, Micro-Coax has earned a reputation for excellent customer service with our unique high-performance product line. The information in this website wil help you select from a variety of transmission line options to optimize your system performance. Additionally, we specialize in developing dedicated solutions to your most complex problems.

Microfab Inc.

MicroFab, Inc., established in 1999, is a manufacturer specializing in Custom Thin Film Circuits, Laser Diode Sub-Mounts and Micro-Machining for Infrared, optics, microwave and millimeter wave applications.

Ion Etching and Photolithography tools are used to manufacture a wide variety of unique products for biomedical, optical and magnetic applications.

Thin film products: Passive microwave components, custom thin film circuits and laser diode sub-mounts.

Thick film products: High quality, rapid turn, cost effective, thick film substrates.

Services: Our engineering and CAD departments are ready to be a member of your team at each stage of your product's life cycle.

Technology: Technical information on Ion Etching and related articles.

The company: More information on who we are and where we are located. MicroFab . 180 Zachary Road . Manchester . NH . 03109 . 603/621-9522.



UMC has established itself as a world leader in VCO technology specializing in the development of high performance signal sources for wireless handsets and infrastructure applications. Produced in medium to high volume, these VCO modules support a wide range of wireless markets from 10MHz to over 6GHz including: ISM bands, Spread Spectrum, GSM, AMPS, TDMA, CDMA, PCS, MMDS ,Point to Point Radio, and WLL. We offer custom products that are based on customer requirements with every design available in compact surface mount packages.

The UMX Series VCO is the Xtreme of low noise signal sources available today. These quiet sources boast ultra-low phase noise, lower phase transients, lower harmonics, lower pushing and pulling without any price or performance penalties typically associated with high technology designs. The UMX series has established itself as the new benchmark for signal source performance. While the UMX product line is currently offered within the range of 1.5 to 3.25 GHz, efforts are ongoing to enhance the current products and extend their range of operation.

The UMZ is our lowest cost VCO offering, designed for infrastructure and portable applications. These compact VCO's support a wide range of wireless markets operating from 10 MHz to over 6 GHz. Although the UMZ series was developed to serve a more diverse audience, these designs still demonstrate UMC's penchant for excellence in engineering.

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